Forensic Archaeologist, Iraq, E5 - Subject to funding

Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq · Science and Technology · Ref 2/2019


Iraq Program

ICMP is implementing a multi-year project in Iraq to support authorities in their efforts to account for persons missing as a result of armed conflict and violations of human rights.

Vacancy Background

The Archaeology and Anthropology Division conducts ICMP activities with regard to forensic archaeology, anthropology, and mortuary activities, including the technical aspects of external and internal training. Subject to funding, ICMP is seeking an experienced Forensic Archaeologist to reinforce the Iraq team.

The Forensic Archaeologist will train and mentor and give technical advice to domestic institutions involved in the search, location, recording and forensic recovery of human remains and evidence related to missing persons investigations. Under the overall guidance and supervision of the Head of Anthropology and Archaeology, the duties of the Forensic Archaeologist will include, but is not limited to the following:


Additional requirements:


This is a full-time position with a competitive base salary, generous paid leave and extensive health insurance benefits. This position is eligible for expatriate allowances including regular rest and recuperation leave, annual family visit travel, danger pay and a hardship allowance. Accommodations are provided by ICMP. Accommodations are shared with up to 5 other ICMP expatriate colleagues.

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